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Over 30 years experience in the two way radio Industry


Just a little bit about us

Radio Comms can offer any radio from any manufacturer and ship it anywhere in the UK. We offer a back up service where we can repair or service your radio. We offer Two Way Radio hire, both short and long term. We offer an antenna and repeater installation service.

Whilst we can offer you any brand or model, we have selected just three manufacturers to feature on our web site, Motorola, Hytera and Rexon, giving as much information as possible on the products we support. With many years experience building radios, we chose them for their attitude, honesty and determination to provide only the best quality products and we liked that mindset!

For specialist solutions with Hytera or Motorola additional applications, we would suggest a site visit to discuss what you want and how you would like it to work. Site surveys are recommended for larger systems.

We also work with many schools, finding competitive solutions which offer great value for money and give the coverage they need. So if you're looking for school radios, please email or call us for more information. It’s always better to try before you buy. You are welcome to have radios to trial for a week to make sure they do what you want and give the coverage.

We start with the basics and work up. There is no point you paying for lots of features you won't ever use!

Radio Comms Limited was formed after working over 30 years in the radio communications industry for manufacturers and distributors such as Icom, Vertex (Yaesu), Hytera and more recently, a Motorola distributor.

Also a Class A licensed radio amateur; I feel we have the understanding and experience to offer the right radio solution for your business. Using the experience gained within the industry and our knowledge of products available today, our aim is to provide you with only the best equipment at reasonable prices

Hytera Two Way Radio

Try before you buy

We always recommend you try our radios on site before you spend your money!

Why not ask for a free site trial today?

Motorola Two way Radio

Can you buy it cheaper elsewhere?

Give us the opportunity to price match.

There is often a reason someone sells something cheap!

Ask yourself, 

Will I get a good service?

Will I get a good back up if there is a problem?

Is the seller local enough to come out if there is a problem?

Will they offer a free trial before I buy?

Will someone from the company come out and talk to me or help with a site trial?